“Indispensable viewing for anyone
who genuinely cares about the future of this country.”

“Understanding that both surviving a shooting and sudden fame take a psychological toll, the film is a compassionate portrait eager to let its subjects speak for themselves.”


“An adrenaline shot of hope.”


KCRW PRESS PLAY – May 13, 2021 – “‘Us Kids’ documentary chronicles Parkland survivors-turned-gun control activists” by Brian Hardzinkski


THE WASHINGTON POST – May 13, 2021 – “New movies to stream this week: ‘Us Kids,’ ‘Los Hermanos/The Brothers’ and more” by Michael O’Sullivan

“The humanity Snyder’s cameras captures is stirring.”

“Skillfully handles a sensitive subject and connects the Parkland students’ stories to those of Black students whose experiences with gun violence rarely garner similar national attention.”

“It rips your heart out. But it’s also highly inspiring, as we watch a bunch of teenagers evolve into fully-formed adults right before our eyes.”


“A potent testimony to the impact of citizen protest.”


“★★★★★! The human toll of fighting for a just cause leaves a mark on the viewer, while the young activists’ ability to make change against incredible odds provides hope for those who also want to leave their mark on society.”

“Demonstrates that change can come from anyone.”

“Offers an up-close look at how these teenagers wrestled control out of the hands of corrupt, ignorant, and pernicious adults in positions of authority. These young activists know they can’t afford to wait around for the other side to have an epiphany and do the right thing.”

“Us Kids is perhaps the most compelling example …of the ways in which viral clout can be mobilized for good — and not just in the online space, but to effect change offline as well.”

“Snyder tells the touching coming-of-age story of this group of driven, resilient, empathetic individuals all navigating the personal consequences of their remarkable choice to dedicate their own lives to honor the fallen and take back democracy.”

“A galvanizing reminder that change is only possible if we believe in it.”


“A timely picture that chronicles this movement with the emotional gut punch and importance it requires.”


“What makes this film stand out is the fact that it succeeds in exploring the nuances of the discussion. It’s not black-and-white by any means, and Snyder is among the first filmmakers to truly acknowledge that. Us Kids is arguably the most empathetic documentary on Parkland yet. Featuring lesser-known yet still compelling perspectives, Kim Snyder does an excellent job of perpetuating the conversation about gun violence.”

-Disappointment Media

“Snyder’s film rekindles those feelings, and takes us front-and-center with these kids as they wade into the dangerous waters of the gun debate, one of the most polarizing political discussions of our time. A documentary like this is chronicling a movement, and its major players, if you will. This isn’t a polemic about the larger gun culture like Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine”, but a film where we see young people grow into their identity through a particular issue, one that will define them in these early years

-Sonic Cinema

“Decades from now, historians certainly will look to Us Kids as an essential backgrounding point in their research not only about the gun violence issue but also about the rise of the largest and broadest youth activist movement since the civil rights and Vietnam War protests of the 1960s.”

Us Kids is a coming-of-age story about young people dealing with horrific trauma, and how they are using it as a catalyst to try to make sure no other students experience a similar tragedy.”