“The humanity Snyder’s cameras captures is stirring.”

“Skillfully handles a sensitive subject and connects the Parkland students’ stories to those of Black students whose experiences with gun violence rarely garner similar national attention.”

“It rips your heart out. But it’s also highly inspiring, as we watch a bunch of teenagers evolve into fully-formed adults right before our eyes.”


“Indispensable viewing for anyone
who genuinely cares about the future of this country.”

“★★★★★! The human toll of fighting for a just cause leaves a mark on the viewer, while the young activists’ ability to make change against incredible odds provides hope for those who also want to leave their mark on society.”


“Demonstrates that change can come from anyone.”

“A potent testimony to the impact of citizen protest.”


“An adrenaline shot of hope.”


“A compassionate portrait, eager to let its subjects speak for themselves.”


“A galvanizing reminder that change is only possible if we believe in it.”


“A timely picture that chronicles this movement with the emotional gut punch and importance it requires.”


“Decades from now, historians certainly will look to Us Kids as an essential backgrounding point in their research not only about the gun violence issue but also about the rise of the largest and broadest youth activist movement since the civil rights and Vietnam War protests of the 1960s.”

Us Kids is a coming-of-age story about young people dealing with horrific trauma, and how they are using it as a catalyst to try to make sure no other students experience a similar tragedy.”